Everwell Health Solutions

Everwell Health Solutions is a Bangalore-based social enterprise that spun out of Microsoft Research India in 2015 by co-founders Andrew Cross and Bill Thies.  Everwell’s Everwell Hub digital adherence platform has been widely used in TB – with 8 TB REACH-funded deployments across high burden regions leveraging this platform.  In addition, Unitaid’s ASCENT project will deploy the 99DOTS and Everwell solution across roughly 70,000 patients in 5 high burden regions.

99DOTS is a low-cost engagement tool using basic mobile phones and augmented packaging for patients taking anti-Tuberculosis medication. Each day, patients send a free call to a number revealed after dispensing their medication. It has been widely deployed (approximately 200,000 patients) in India.  The Everwell Hub is a comprehensive, integrated platform for adherence and patient management. Health care staff can log into a single portal to register and follow up with patients, whose adherence reports from any of Everwell’s integrated technologies appear side-by-side including 99DOTS, evriMED devices, and VOT: Everwell Products