Explain TB

Explain TB! was developed by clinicians at the Research Center Borstel through funding from the Tuberculosis Association Schleswig-Holstein and the German Central Committee against Tuberculosis. Other partners include the Robert-Koch-Institute Berlin, the German Center for Infection Research DZIF, the German Ministry of Health, the patient support group TakeThatTB and the tuberculosis research network TB-NET.

ExplainTB! is a crowd-funded series of education videos about tuberculosis delivered in the patient’s mother tongue. The central element is a freely available QR-code poster that allows point-of-care access to educational films in several languages. These posters can be freely downloaded from the www.ExplainTB.org. The website also provides further complimentary written information for patients. A smartphone app also allows access to the films without QR-code scanning. The app enables the physician to tailor the films from the video library to the patient’s needs: Explain TB! Product