TB Innovator Pathway

Stage 2: Begin R&D


NOTE: Overlap between the stages is intentional and representative of iteration that occurs during the development process.




Stage 1: Identify Needs and Design

Stage 2: Begin R&D

Stage 3: Plan for Introduction

Stage 4: Introduce & Scale


Stage Overview
Once a TPP is defined and a market is assessed, attention can turn to product development and more formal feasibility and acceptability assessment. The goal is to better understand in the “real world” the patient/provider experience and begin to understand better the paths, challenges/opportunities, and potential partners in bringing the innovation to market. 
Stage Elements
Questions to Answer
  • What do we hope to accomplish?
  • Who needs to be involved?
  • How will we manage the design process?
  • How will we produce prototypes and get them into the field for early evaluation?
  • Does our innovation “work” in real-world settings?
  • Is our innovation well accepted by patients and providers?
  • What criteria or features must/should our innovation include?
  • How will we develop and distribute our innovation – at small, medium, and large scale?

Additional element descriptions can be found here.